LicensePal API

The LicensePal API allows you to automatically order and manage licenses in your account via third party scripts. You can order any one of the software we offer on the site, and also suspend, unsuspend and cancel your licenses as you need. You also have the option to modify the IP or domain on licenses, meaning there is no longer any need to log in to the web site just to do this. The API takes GET & POST HTTP requests and gives JSON responses back.

To make use of the API, please open a support ticket with us requesting access.

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We've also developed an add-on and a module for WHMCS. The add-on is essentially a licensing manager which lists all the licenses in your account, you can then manage the existing licenses or add new orders. The module allows you to automate the ordering process if you rely on our licenses for your own clients. Documentation can be found within each download in the README file.

Download WHMCS Licensing Manager Add-on (login required)
Download WHMCS Licensing Module (login required)